Spaceballs The Dinner Movie (#83)


For September's film, the group voted for Spaceballs. This is a parody film of Star Wars. That's about all I knew about it when I started planning this, because I had not seen the movie in 20 years. When researching what food items appear in the film, I found out that one of the villians of the story was Pizza the Hutt, a parody character based on Jabba the Hutt, but who's made of pizza. This made the dinner pretty straight forward.

Originally, I had big plans to try to make a pizza in the the shape of Jaba the Hutt, but ultimately, I had some delays getting ready for the party, so I had to scrap that idea and just made a good pizza. I ended up going a thick crust route which made for a very soft, delicious, and messy. This worked well because Pizza the Hutt is also a very messy looking character.

For the crust, I used this recipe from Andrea's Notebook. For the sauce, I used this recipe from Joy Food Sunshine. Combined, this made a very flavorful pizza. The only thing I would warn about is that that pizza dough recipe will raise a lot if you let it sit out too long. I made the mistake of waiting too long to sauce it and it grew a lot during that time. I would definitely make this again though. One of the tastiest pizzas that I've had in a while.

For dessert, a guest brought raspberry jam bars. Raspberry jam makes an appearance in the film so it was a great flavor for dessert.

Overall, it was a fun night. Everyone enjoyed the food and snacks and the movie was funnier than I remembered.


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