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Good Morning Vietnamese Breakfast (#90)

Our film this month was Good Morning Vietnam. I had never seen this film, so my instinct was to lean into the name. I looked up popular breakfast foods in Vietnam. What I found is that Vietnamese people have pretty hearty breakfasts, eating things that we would normally not think of as breakfast foods. The two that really jumped out to me was beef pho (a soup) and bahn mi (a sandwich). I decided to go the pho route simply because its a dish I have had before I felt that I could do a decent job with it. If your would rather do food featured in the film, there is a scene where Robin William's character visits the market and tries a spicy bowl of nuac mam noodle soup with fish balls. He doesn't seem to like the dish though, so pho seemed like a safer bet to me. If you are going for food authentic to the film, you may also want to feature cheap, poorly made beer, but I would suggest for the safety of your guests that you hold the formaldehyde. Before attempting the pho, I did a lot

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