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Clue Dinner Party (#74)

As we continue through our movie list, we finally arrive at one of my all time favorites: Clue. This classic, comedic, murder mystery leads itself to all sorts of fun dinner party ideas. You could make the evening black tie event and encourage all your guests to dress in their best formal wear. Or maybe you could start the evening with a murder mystery game. This was my original plan, but honestly, I spent so much time focusing on dinner, that I forgot about this. So, dinner. For this event, I wanted to go full immersion, so I served the same dishes as the film. Or, at least in spirit. In the film, they start with an appetizer of shark fin soup. This became our dinner. I did my best to make an authentic dish for this. For dessert, we had a less authentic snack of "monkey brains" which though popular in Cantonese cuisine, is not often to be found in America. So, I made something completely different that was simply inspired by the name and has no relation to the original dish.

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