Red Dawn Tailgate Campfire Cookout (#67)

This month's film was Red Dawn, the fictional story about a group of teenagers who are forced to hide out in the woods after Russia invades their hometown. In the film, the teenagers call themselves "Wolverines," a reference to their school mascot. This inspired our dinner theme: "Tailgate Campfire Cookout."

While in the woods, they cooked on a campfire. Since I have a fire pit in my backyard, we used that. We roasted hotdogs over it and drank from red Solo cups. If I want to decorate, I would recommend putting up some "Go Wolverines!" banners. For dessert, we had some classic campfire smores with roasted marshmallows.

To complete the experience, we spent our entire movie night outside by the fire. I found a cheap but high quality projector and projector screen. I spent less than $200 on those items and I couldn't rate them more highly. The video quality and sound were good enough that we could see everything well even before the sun finished setting and the sound quality was loud enough and good enough that we didn't need external speakers. The sheet was high quality despite being cheap and had everything I needed to easily mount it onto the side of my house.

Overall, the night was a big hit. The food was tasty and the experience was fun. Everyone's already asking about when we can have another outdoor event.


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