Footloose Fast Food (#65)

Our next film was 1984's Footloose. One of the starting scenes in the film takes place at a drive-in diner, so I built the dinner theme around that. We had hotdogs and hamburgers made to order. I did this with the help of a new flat top grill accessory which turns my stove top into a large griddle. Perfect for large meals like this. I highly recommend one if like me, frying pans are never big enough. You can buy them here.

Along with the burgers and hotdogs, I made some "slushies" out of blackberry margaritas. These were made with another new kitchen toy of mine, the Bartesian. I made the cocktails with this device and then poured them into ice trays to freeze the day before. The ice cubes did not freeze solid, so the cubes were easily mashed up into tasty alcoholic slushies.

For dessert, we made banana splits to stick with the diner drive in theme.


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