An American Werewolf In... A British Pub (#53)

Our Halloween film this year was An American Werewolf In London. There is a scene at the beginning of the film were the main characters, who are Americans, visit a very creepy British pub. Because of that, we based our meal around British pub foods. Our main course was shepherd's pie. Because this was a Halloween party, I decided that I wanted to make the food a bit creeper looking. Once again, I fell back on my food coloring to help me out. I dyed my mashed potatoes black and my cheese and other ingredients blood red. It made for a very creepy and even disgusting looking dish that still tasted incredible.

As you would expect, I also played my Halloween playlist to help set the mood. Unfortunately, I do not recall what our dessert was or how I made it creepy. I may have done another brain jello, as that tends to be my go to halloween treat or we may have gone with some British desserts and added food coloring.


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