Monty Python and the Holy Meal (#41)

Our next movie was a group favorite, "Monty Python and The Holy Grail." Our theme was a royal banquet. I asked guests to bring dishes if they were able. The end result was a potluck style meal. The food was good, but not directly related to the film. I was however able to acquire some elderberry wine. In case you didn't know the insult, "Your father smells of elderberry," that was yelled down by the Frenchman was a reference to elderberry wine and was suggesting that the man was a drunk. (The reference to mother being a hamster was reference to promiscuity.)

As a little bit of extra fun, I gave everyone name tags at the beginning of the party, where we wrote our knight names. Knight names have a title such as Sir, Lord, or Lady, a name, and then a descriptive adjective. I was Sir Matthew The Wise, for instance. Some guests asked others to some up with the adjective for them. That added an extra layer of fun. I also created a Spotify playlist of Monty Python music which we played over dinner.

In short, this was a great party. Though the food didn't tie directly to the film, the other things that we did helped tie everything together.


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