Shaggy Dog Dishes (#16)

Our next film was The Shaggy Dog. It's the story of boy who magically transforms into a dog. As you can imagine, we had a lot of fun with this theme. Our dinner theme was dog food. The main dish was a very meaty and hearty stew. The intention was to make the dish look like something that might come out of a can of dog food, while still being tasty. Along with the stew, I made biscuits. However, I used a large dog-bone shaped cookie cutter to shape my biscuits to look like dog treats. They were still light and fluffy in taste and went perfect with the stew. I actually baked the stew and biscuits together. Below is a picture of the dish before I put it in the oven.

For snack time, we had cookies that were made with smaller dog-bone snapper cookie cutters. These cookies I wanted to look like authentic biscuits. Any crunchy or hard cookie recipe would work for that. I would suggest something like gingerbread, gingersnap, or molasses because they have a nice crunch and are usually brown in color like a real dog treat. A guest also brought something she referred to as "puppy chow" this was a sweet snack made with Chex Mix and meant to resemble dry dog food.

Overall, the theme worked very well for the film and made for an entertaining dinner. The film was a lot of fun too. If you host "film dining" nights, I suggest adding this to your list.


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