The Wizard Of Oz / Pi Day (First Film Dining Night)

This was my very first movie night. Because we decided to watch our films chronologically, the first movie was also our oldest. 1939's The Wizard Of Oz.

I lucked out with the theme on this one because it also happened to fall on March 14th, which is known as Pi Day (3.14). Because of this, I decided to serve only circular foods. Our main course was pizza and I baked a pie for dessert. To add to the theme, I also bought some large circular lollipops. These worked great because they applied to the lollipop guild and to pi. This movie night fell close to Easter so I was able to find these lollipops in a dollar general with the Easter candy.

Not much other work went into preparing for this, but the night went off without a hitch and set the mood for movie nights to come.


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